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Only 200 limited free tickets available per event!

KRAKÓW, 30. & 31. Sierpień - Vintage & Preloved Sale


 Ograniczoną liczbę bezpłatnych biletów można kupić online

📍 Lokalizacja

Hala Lipowa - Lipowa 4D, 30-702 Kraków, Polen


Data i godzina

30 i 31 sierpnia

Piątek: od 13:00 do 19:00

Sobota: od 10:30 do 18:00


💸 Cena

Sobota: 175zł/KG

Niedziela: 130zł/KG

Przy wyjściu zważymy Twoje zabytkowe przedmioty i ustalimy cenę na podstawie 175/130zł za kilogram (ale nie musisz kupować całego kilograma).


🫂 Wsparcie dla darmowych przedmiotów vintage

Zostań częścią naszego zespołu wsparcia BeThrifty & zdobądź darmowe elementy vintage podczas wydarzenia

Pomagasz naszemu zespołowi w konfiguracji, wydarzeniu lub demontażu 
Możesz wybrać ubrania vintage
Kliknij na link i dołącz do naszej grupy WhatsApp, aby uzyskać więcej informacji: LINK


Bilet jest ważny przez oba dni!


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A great event atmosphere and thousands of popular, high-quality vintage clothing items from various brands that you can give a second life to.

Sportswear, dresses, t-shirts, denim, streetwear, coats, jackets and much more in sizes XS to Plus Size.

Prices start at 5€ for a piece of clothing.

What can you expect? (EN)

An amazing atmosphere and thousands of beloved designer vintage pieces of high quality that you can offer a second life.

Sportswear, dresses, T-shirts, denim, street wear, coats, jackets and a lot more in sizes ranging from XS to plus sizes.

Prices start at 5€ per piece.

Not only are we one of many Vintage Kilo Sales, but we stand out from the rest of the crowd by offering you the largest & best selection of vintage clothes & recycled pieces. The original of the Vintage Kilo Sales is coming back to your city!

Who are we? (EN)

BeThrifty isn't just one of many vintage kilo sales. We stand out from the rest by offering you the widest and best selection of vintage clothes and recycled pieces. The original vintage kilo sale is back in the city!

You can buy as much or as little as you want. You don't buy two pants, a shirt and a blazer, but 1.08 kilograms of the finest vintage pieces that adapt to your individual style.

The price of a t-shirt starts at around 7€ . We weigh your vintage pieces at the exit and thereby determine the price, based on 45€ per kilo (but you don't have to buy a whole kilo).

Converted, you pay about 19€ for jeans, 12€ for a dress and 7€ for a t shirt.

How does it work? (EN)

You can buy as much or as little as you want. You don't buy two pairs of pants, a shirt and a blazer. Instead, you buy 1.08 kg of the finest vintage pieces that fit your personal style.

T-shirt prices start at about 7€ per piece. We weigh your vintage clothes at the exit. The weight determines the price, based on the standard price of 45€ per kilogram. (Of course, that doesn't mean you have to buy an entire kilogram of clothes.)

If you would like to help out at one of our events for free vintage clothes, then become part of our WhatsApp group and get more information under the following link: Working at the event

• You will help our team during the day with setup, at the event itself and with dismantling
• 1KG of vintage goods are available for 4h support

BeThrifty Support Team: Working at the event
If you're interested in helping out at one of our events and receiving free vintage clothes in return, join our WhatsApp group and get more information by clicking on the following link: Work at the event

• You're helping our team with setting up and dismantling the event as well as with other event tasks throughout the entire day
• You receive 1 kilogram of vintage pieces for 4 hours of support

Children up to the age of 14 do not need a ticket.
Cash and card/contactless payments available.

Additional Information

Children aged 14 and under do not need a ticket.
Cash payment and card/contactless payment are possible.


Selected vintage clothing sold by the kilogram

Vintage goods from popular brands in sizes from XS to XXXL

Sustainable shopping for fashionable second-hand clothing


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