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Only 200 limited free tickets available per event!


Can I buy my ticket directly at the event venue? (EN)

Yes! You can secure a free ticket for our events online. If our limited free tickets are out of stock, you can of course purchase a regular ticket online or directly at the event venue. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance to avoid queuing at the event. Limited free tickets are only available online. What are you waiting for? Get your ticket now!

What is the difference between free tickets and regular tickets? (EN)

Free tickets are limited and allow free entry to our vintage kilo sales. Regular tickets are unlimited and can be bought online as well as directly at the event venue.

Can I pay with card or only cash? (EN)

You can pay with both card and cash at our vintage kilo sales.

Do I have to buy a ticket for my child(ren)? (EN)

No, children do not need their own tickets.

Can I bring my dog to the event? (EN)

We love animals and are happy to welcome both you and your dog at our events. Unfortunately, this decision does not always rest with us, but is dependent on the location where the event takes place. Please contact the event location for more information

How does pick and weight work? (EN)

The concept of pick-and-weight is an easy one: At our events, you buy vintage clothes at a fixed price per kilogram. You don't buy two pairs of pants, a shirt and a blazer. Instead, you buy 1.08 kg of the finest vintage pieces that fit your personal style. The prices are fair and determined by the deployed resources. You will be surprised by the extraordinary individual pieces you can get a hold of at a low and reasonable price.

Are there new items of clothing every day? (EN)

Of course! Vintage clothes are restocked during and after the event, so that unique vintage pieces are available at any time. Coming by on both days is definitely worth it

Are there changing rooms and mirrors at the event? (EN)

Naturally, we make sure that there are enough changing rooms and mirrors at every event, so that you can try on the vintage pieces you have your eye on before buying them.

What can I get for 1 kilogram? (EN)

At our events, you can find a wide selection of second-hand T-shirts, windbreakers, leather jackets, sweaters & hoodies, crazy print shirts and many other items of clothing. With only 1 kilogram of unique vintage pieces, you can create an entire look.

Where do your vintage items come from? (EN)

Our vintage clothes originate from various old clothes collections throughout Europe. These old, ditched items of clothing are taken to big recycling centers where they are sorted. Our partners are several renowned recycling centers in Europe that exclusively supply us with vintage pieces of high quality. These items are again sorted, checked and, if necessary, repaired by our staff at BeThrifty before we offer them to you at our events.

Which COVID-19 safety precautions do I have to follow? (EN)

The COVID-19 precautions and safety measures that are currently in place are to be followed.