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Press release: The BeThrifty Vintage Kilo Sale is coming to your city

Press release: The BeThrifty Vintage Kilo Sale is back in the city

Modern and sustainable clothes shopping - or rather treasure hunting - that takes place in the hippest event locations your city has to offer

Environmental consciousness, thriftiness, individuality and a wide selection of the trendiest and most unique clothes and accessories constitute the most important cornerstones of the popular and cool second-hand concept of the BeThrifty Vintage Kilo Sale. This eco-friendly alternative stands out from the usual practices of the fashion industry, as the production and supply chain start with individual pieces taken from various old clothes collections throughout Europe. These clothes are deliberately sorted and chosen in renowned recycling centres. Only the vintage items of the highest quality are then delivered to BeThrifty. The received clothes and accessories are resorted, checked and, if necessary, repaired by the staff at BeThrifty before they are offered and sold at the events. What is truly unique and popular with the young and young at heart is the actual offer: Various individual and combinable pieces of clothing in different sizes at a price of 45€ per kilogram, including popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and many more. A selection of 60 different categories (wind breakers, leather jackets, sweaters and hoodies, crazy print shirts, etc.) in sizes ranging from XS to XXL awaits fashion enthusiasts. It is possible to pay with both cash and card. Naturally, there are plenty of changing rooms.

More about BeThrifty

In its pursuit of combining fashion with sustainability, the Austrian online shop project aims at setting an example in the fashion industry by offering unique old school pieces. With this project, a modern fashion label is created, a new community is formed and a strong statement is made in the industry. This is reinforced by the events and festivals that take place at selected event locations. The founders Bori Radmanovic and Christian Mayr make clear: "Unlike all other 'non fast fashion brands', we are offering recycled and practically new clothes at a much lower price to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone." It's simple: 'be thrifty' .